eBook: How to be a Sugar Babe

How to be a Sugar Babe

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The terms Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babe or Sugar Baby have become common currency in society over the last few years, bandied around with phrases like arrangement and mutually beneficial. What was once a subculture, barely discussed or mentioned sneeringly in hushed tones, has burgeoned into mainstream acceptance. A plethora of websites have been launched to service this phenomenon, and established news providers such as the BBC speak of universities where 20% of the female students are using sugar daddy arrangements, escorting or webcam work to top up their college tuition fees.

Jake Hackett has been involved with the sugar daddy / sugar babe scene for a decade and had over twenty arrangements with ladies considerably younger than himself. He has unprecedented experience of how sugaring works and has documented this in "How to be a Sugar Babe."

The scene has become congested, It's been a free-for-all and too many chancers have joined the fray, praying upon the bewilderment of others. The problem being there was no rulebook. There was no FAQ. There was no How-To. There are few who have been on the scene as long as Jake Hackett, and no-one has thus far committed to documenting their experiences in a must-have reference. Until now...